Reballing and Ball Attach Services

BGA TEST & TECHNOLOGY has developed a safe and reliable process for re-balling and ball attach with the capability to convert Pb-free spheres to Eutectic Solder (Sn63Pb37) or High Lead solder (Sn10Pb90) spheres for Military, Aerospace, and other High-Reliability Electronic Assemblies.

This process will also work in reverse to convert tin-lead spheres to Pb-free (SAC305) spheres for many commercial applications with RoHS restrictions.

Brief Description of Process

After going through a QA gate upon arrival, incoming lots undergo the following steps:

  • Incoming Inspection Process
  • Baking to Remove Moisture
  • De-balling: Automatic Using Six Axis ROBOT – Solder Sphere removal process
  • Automated Cleaning: Trident LD system
  • Baking to remove Moisture post De-ball
  • Re-balling: Patented Solder Sphere attachment process
  • Automated Cleaning: Trident LD process
  • Baking to remove Moisture post Re-ball
  • Final Inspection Process
  • Packaging and Shipping

Devices pass through the process cycle with strict quality and process control for repeatable and reliable results.

Our Re-balling process has been proven to meet the requirements of ADHP (Aerospace, Defense, and High Performance) industries using the following qualification criteria:

  • Sonoscan (Pre & Post Re-balling) – Analysis for De-lamination
  • Ball Shear – Strength of ball adhesion
  • Coplanarity Test
  • Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) – Post-Ball Shear Analysis
  • Cleanliness – Ionic Contamination Analysis
  • Electrical Testing (Pre & Post Re-balling)