BGA Test & Technology utilizes state of art, 6 station Robotic Hot Solder Dip (RHSD) machines for processing components. Operators can control all process parameters including:

  • Bath and Pre-heat Temperatures
  • Immersion depth
  • Dwell time
  • Insertion speed and acceleration
  • Extraction speed and acceleration

Our high volume, high mix Robotic system is designed to flux, Pre-heat, Solder Dip, and clean vitually any style package of electronic component with Precise Repeatable Process under an insert nitrogen shroud.


Our RHSD system allows us to comply with (meet any of) the following industry standards for solder dipping/solderability.

  • GEIA-STD-0006 For Solder Dip to Replace Finish
  • ANSI-J-STD-002 Method A,B,C & D (w/wave)
  • IEC-68-2-20 Test TA, Para 4.9, & Test TB
  • IEC-68-2-58 Test TD
  • JESD22-B102D Method 1
  • JESD22A111 Method 5.6.2
  • JISZ-3198-4 Method B
  • Mil-STD-202 Method 208
  • Mil-STD-883

BGA Test & Technology can also provide custom solder dipping solutions based on customer tailored requirements.