BGA TEST & TECHNOLOGY has developed a safe and reliable process for reballing and ball attach with the capability to convert Pb-free spheres to Eutectic Solder (Sn63Pb37) or High Lead solder (Sn10Pb90) spheres for Military, Aerospace, and other High Reliability Electronic Assemblies.

This process will also work in reverse to convert tin-lead spheres to Pb-free (SAC305) spheres for many commercial applications with RoHS restrictions.

Brief Description of Process:
After going through a QA gate upon arrival, incoming lots undergo the following steps:

  • Incoming Inspection Process
  • Baking to remove Moisture
  • De-balling: Automatic (RHDS) – Solder Sphere removal process
  • Automated Cleaning: Trident LD system
  • Baking to remove Moisture post De-ball
  • Re-balling: Patented Solder Sphere attachment process
  • Automated Cleaning: Trident LD process
  • Baking to remove Moisture post Re-ball
  • Final Inspection Process
  • Packaging and Shipping

Devices pass through the process cycle with strict quality and process control for repeatable and reliable results.

Our Re-balling process has been proven to meet the requirements of ADHP (Aerospace, Defense and High Performance) industries using the following qualification criteria:

  • Sonoscan (Pre & Post Re-balling) – Analysis for De-lamination
  • Ball Shear – Strenght of ball adhesion
  • Coplanarity Test
  • Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) – Post Ball Shear Analysis
  • Cleanliness – Ionic Contamination Analysis
  • Electrical Testing (Pre & Post Re-balling)