Lead to Lead free conversions

This is a flexible process designed to place an array of eutectic solder spheres or lead free spheres onto nearly any style of BGA component for which they are required.



Ball attach services are capable of handling any lot size from prototype to production volumes. Any BGA components, including PBGA, CBGA, TBGA, microBGA and FBGA, etc., can be processed.

Brief Description of Process:

Parts receive a moisture removing bake before processing begins. Ball placement is done for high volume process using our patent pending semi-automatic process. The parts then go through reflow in a Heller in-line convection oven. Flux residues are removed in an in-line spray washer using only hot DI water. 100% of parts are inspected for ball attach. Depending on lot size and applicable standards, parts undergo either sample visual inspection or 100% visual inspection for all potential defects. Parts then will be baked and dry-packaged.

High Temperature Lead-Free Solder Sphere Attach:

We also provide a process for high temperature spheres. This process is significantly more complicated than the process for eutectic solder alloy.