BGA TEST & TECHNOLOGY is an international semiconductor testing and finishing service facility. Our electrical testing services range from testing analog components like Op-Amps, Voltage Regulators, Transceivers... to digital components like SRAMs, Microprocessors, ADCs, DACs and many more. Using Alogorithimic Test Vector(ATV) and the Parametric Test WorkStation(PWS) we can test even the most complex semiconductor components.

Our team of qualified Electrical Engineers are standing by to answer any technical questions.

We also perform total IC validation and  DC parametrics on digital circuitry to measure various semiconductor device characteristics. Our state of the art equipment includes:

    ATV digital tester  
PWS analog tester
Tektronix oscilloscopes
Programmable power supplies
Curve tracers 
Signal generators

BGA also offers a multitude of finishing services to semiconductor manufacturers, Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) providers, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM's) and electronics distributors. Services offered include, BGA Solder Ball Attach, BGA Reball and Repair, Pb to PB free Conversion, Pb free to Pb Conversion, Lead Conditioning (Repair), ROHS XRF Analysis, Lead Tinning Service,  Bake & Dry-Pack, I.C. Counterfeit Detection, PCB Device Reclaim and Device Attributes. 

Our mission is to become one of the best performing and most respected TEST and REPAIR service companies in our target marketplace. We will achieve this mission through operational excellence, continuous improvement, and value-creating growth. Our corporate philosophy is to understand and  meet our customers requirements, leverage inter-company synergies to create value, and foster an environment based on teamwork, accountability, and responsiveness.

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